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PunctureGuard is a non-drying tubeless tire sealant with specially formulated Micro-Fibre technology to suit your riding needs, it’s so environmentally safe we don't even need a warning label to meet EU standards.

The Downhill formula has larger fibres to seal bigger snake bites to ensure you can still post your vital time. The Cross Country sealant is formulated to seal small snake bites and thorns to keep you spinning all day.

One 250ml bottle protects 4 tyres


Features include

  • Micro-fibre technology that doesn’t dry out like latex based solutions
  • Specific Downhill and Cross Country formulas to protect against snake bites and thorns
  • 250ml bottle protects 4 tires
  • Tested and highly recommended by the ‘Trek World Racing Team’
  • Measurement indicator on bottle for accurate application
  • Convenient extending hose for ease of application
  • No caustic additives
  • we add corrosive inhibitors to prevent corrosion and protect the tire
  • PH is approximately 8 which is almost neutral
  • Our ingredients are carefully chosen for their minimal environmental impact
  • Environmentally safe
  • We don't even need a warning label to meet EU Standards

Use the markings on the side of the label to apply 62ml of solution for each tyre, you can do this by removing the core from you innertube valve and pushing the extendable hose over it, or you can apply inside the tyre after taking one side of the tyre off the rim.

Bottle features

  • Extendable hose
  • Cap can be used to remove Schrader valve cores

Important notice

Some sealants have damaging additives which eat away and corrode the tire wall thickness, this will make the tire wall breath bubbles rendering it useless as a tubeless tire. PunctureGuard will not solve this problem but is designed with non-caustic additives to prevent this ever happening when using our tubeless sealant.

PunctureGuard is not designed to help you seal poorly fitting or old tires that leak air through the bead (or through a perished/corroded tire wall). Our formula is specifically designed to cure punctures from thorns and small snake bites.

Our PunctureGuard is designed, and packed in the United Kingdom

“Our mechanics and riders LOVE the PuntureGuard, the sealant is way better than other well-known brands we have been using. In summary; it’s easier to handle and apply, we have had less punctures, it’s easier to pump up the tyre, creates less mess, and it never dries out. We really like working with the PunctureGuard sealant”